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If you are interested in Aladdin Lamps and the history of the Aladdin Mantle Lamp Co., we highly recommend that you purchase each of these for your own reference.  We do offer these at the suggested retail prices.

"Aladdin - The Magic Name in Lamps" (for Aladdin Oil Lamp information)
This is an autographed copy! - $44.95 each

"Aladdin - Electric Lamps" (for Aladdin Electric Lamp information) - Soft Cover, $24.95

Also available are the companion Price Guides @ $8.95 each


As an authorized Aladdin Mantle Lamp Co. dealer, we are able to offer genuine replacement Aladdin parts and lamps.  We stock items that we have the most request for including:  Mantles, Wicks, Chimneys, Burners, and shade holders.  All of the items on this page of our web site are genuine Aladdin Mantle Lamp Company replacement items, not generic.



Aladdin Industries has elected not to reproduce a Mantle that fits Aladdin Oil Lamp Burners 3 - 11.

However, they have developed an adapter that will allow the Lox-On Mantles
to properly work with these earlier burners. Shown at right, just above.

The Aladdin Lox-On Mantle is the replacement mantle for the following Aladdin Burners:
 Model #12, Model A, Model B, Model C, Model 21, Model 21C, & Model 23.

Lox-On Mantle - $19.25 each
Kone Kap Mantle Adapter - $12.00 each

There are no mantles or adapters reproduced to fit Aladdin Model #1 or #2.


32 oz. Aladdin Lamp Fuel





Aladdin Replacement Wicks - $28.50 each

             #R-151 Aladdin A-B-C Wick fits Aladdin Burner Model A, Model B, & Model C.
              Aladdin Wick fits Aladdin Burner Model 21.
             #N-230 Aladdin Wick fits Aladdin Burner Model 23
(Not Shown) #N-198 Aladdin Wick fits Aladdin Burner Models #7 - #12

There are not wicks available to fit Aladdin Burner Models #1 - #6
I do not have a source or any referrals to offer!

Aladdin Genuine Lamp Chimney's - $35.00 each

Aladdin Lox-On Chimney fits Aladdin Burners with Lox-On Mantles including:
Model 12, Model A, Model B, Model C, Model 21C, and Model 23.

Aladdin Heelless Chimney fits Aladdin Burners without the Lox-On feature including:
Model 1, Model 2, Model 3, Model 4, Model 5, Model 6, Model 7,
Model 8, Model 9, Model 10, and Model 11.

Note:  Model 12 parts, including the Gallery, are sometimes found on earlier models (7 through 11) when homeowners took advantage of the new Lox-On features.     So... if you have a Model 7 - 11 burner with a Model 12 Gallery, you would need the Lox-On chimney and mantle.



The top cap of the Aladdin Burner is called the "Gallery".
We offer several available replacement galleries.  Shown in the picture above is the Model B Gallery replacement.  Available in Polished Brass or Nickel Plated - $45.00 each

A replacement gallery for the Model 23 is also available.



Would you like to add a 10" shade to your Aladdin Lamp?
These genuine 10" underburner shadeholders will work on most Aladdin Lamps.  Simply remove the burner, oil or electric, place this shadeholder on the lamp opening and reattach the burner.  Will hold any 10" glass shade. 

$55.00 in Nickel Plated Brass
or $25.00 in Polished Brass Plated 

To see our 10" shade selection follow this link:         Glass Lamp Shades


Is your Aladdin Lamp missing its burner?  Or, would you like to electrify your Aladdin Lamp without destroying your original oil burner?  You can purchase replacement burners to fit most Aladdin Lamps. Shown above are examples of oil and electric, Nickel Plated burners to fit Model 23 lamps.

Also available in Polished Brass
Genuine Aladdin Lamp Burners are $110.00 for electric & $135.00 for kerosene, each.

Do you have an electric lamp like one of the Aladdin lamps pictured below that is missing its electrical assembly unit or the unit is in need of replacing? 

We assemble and offer this replacement unit for these lamps.  This is not offered by Aladdin Mantle Lamp Co.  We use the highest quality components available today, including Leviton electrical sockets.  Includes 3-terminal and night light socket combination that allows the lamp to use a regular light bulb at the top and a night light bulb inside the lamp itself.  Comes with a removable and re-attachable plug to allow the wire to be slipped through the base of the lamp.  $52.00 per unit.









We gladly accept Visa & MasterCard


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