I am sharing information I have gathered based on family memories and information gathered from actual tombstones.  Most information gathered is directly from the Conrad Family Cemetery on Baton Rouge Road in Grant Co., Kentucky just outside of Williamstown.   I am a direct descendant of Elder William Conrad and his wife Elizabeth.  My purpose is 2-fold.  I hope if you are searching and find this site it is helpful to you...  And if you can provide more information of my family history, please contact me.  I can be contacted at this link:

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I am also working on several other cemetery sites:
the Lemmon Cemetery in Harrison County, Kentucky
the Antioch Church Cemetery in Franklin County, Kentucky, the Old Union Christian Church Cemetery in Fayette County, Kentucky, and the Henderson Cemetery and the Wagers-Brinegar Cemetery in Estill County, Kentucky.
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I appreciate the help of  Beulah Wiley Franks with the Grant County, Kentucky GenWeb website. Their site provides extensive information on the history of Grant County, Kentucky.
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Black, Grace T. Conrad        wife of Otus W. Black           1890  -  1966                                     Grace T. Conrad Black 
Black, Otus W.     husband of Grace T. Conrad Black         1896  -  1954                                                  Otus W. Black
Brooks, Floyd Barker             b: 1892  -  d: October 31, 1918   Additional grave photo        Corp. Floyd Barker Brooks
                  "Corp. Floyd Barker Brooks -  CO. C. 147TH DIV. U.S. ARMY  -  Killed by shrapnel
                   shell in advance for the final liberation of Belgium October 31, 1918 at Olsene, Belgium".
Conrad, Adam                                                        1857  -  1932                                                                 Adam Conrad
Conrad, Almina -  husband of Lillie May Conrad     1893  -  1981                                                               Almina Conrad
Conrad, Bertha    sister (on same stone as Theadore)  1885  -  1941                                                            Bertha Conrad
Conrad, Bess                                                          1888  -  1966                                                                  Bess Conrad
Conrad, Bessie H.       wife of Charles H. Conrad     1889  -  1964                                                         Bessie H. Conrad
Conrad, Charles Hedger  "Eldest son of C.N. and Bessie H. Conrad         1912  -  1984                Charles Hedger Conrad
                      S SGT  U.S. ARMY - WORLD WAR II         Additional grave photo
Conrad, Charles N.     Husband of Bessie H. Conrad          1881  -  1968                                              Charles N. Conrad
Conrad, Eldred     "Father"      husband of Katherine Conrad   1855  -  1930                                               Eldred Conrad
Conrad, Elizabeth   wife of Elder William Conrad    b:  January 27, 1799  -  d: October 27, 1882             Elizabeth Conrad
                                             Additional grave photo 
Conrad, Elizabeth    wife of T. J. Conrad       b: September 25, 1848  -  d: November 30, 1917               Elizabeth Conrad
Conrad, Elizabeth R.                                       1864  -  1951                                                               Elizabeth R. Conrad
Conrad, Irvin                                                    1885  -  1937                                                                         Irvin Conrad
Conrad, Isaac B.    b: July 28, 1818  -  d: March 29, 1889       "Aged 70 Years 8 Mos & 1 day"               Isaac B. Conrad
                                            Additional grave photo
Conrad, Isaac Paul                                                   1889  -  1938                                                       Isaac Paul Conrad
Conrad, Jasmes    husband of Lucy J. Conrad           1858  -  1920                                                            Jasmes Conrad
Conrad, Katherine   "Mother"             wife of Eldred Conrad       1862  -  1937                                      Katherine Conrad
Conrad, Letha                                                                            1862  -  1917                                             Letha Conrad
Conrad, Lillie May     wife of Almina Conrad                               1878  -  1970                                       Lillie May Conrad
Conrad, Lucy J.    wife of Jasmes Conrad                  1868  -  1957                                                            Lucy J. Conrad
Conrad, Maryalice L.   wife of Powers R. Conrad     -    1907  -  1973                                               Maryalice L. Conrad
Conrad, Powers R.      husband of Maryalice L. Conrad       -      1907  -  1959                                     Powers R. Conrad
Conrad, Robert P.                                                                       1854  -  1921                                      Robert P. Conrad
Conrad, T. J.                 b: November 5, 1848  -  d: August 18, 1931                                                            T. J. Conrad
Conrad, Theadore     brother (on same stone as Bertha)                1887  -  1959                                      Theadore Conrad
Conrad, Virginia G.                                                                      1861  -  1924                                    Virginia G. Conrad
Conrad, William (Elder)  husband of Elizabeth Conrad  b: December 6, 1797 - d: March 13, 1882      Elder William Conrad
                "Pastor of the Old Baptist Church of Christ at Williamstown 54 Yrs. of Rasfork 40 Yrs. of
                   Forlick 30 Yrs. and of Twin Creek 29 Yrs."
Conrad, William Henry   son of Isaac B. & Elizabeth Conrad  -  Died October 30, 1846                    William Henry Conrad
Renneckar, A. P.     son of G. P. Renneckar                                        1874  -  1877                                  A. P. Renneckar
Renneckar, Mary    wife of Paul J. Renneckar          b: June 26, 1840  -  d: February 21, 1928                   Mary Renneckar
Renneckar, Paul J.  husband of Mary Renneckar         b: May 4, 1834  -  d: March 17, 1910                   Paul J. Renneckar
Stephenson, Mary Eliza Conrad                                             1881  -  1980                        Mary Eliza Conrad Stephenson
Stephenson, R. H.                                                                   1882  -  1952                                            R. H. Stephenson
Unknown Baby                                                                                                                                             Unknown Baby

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