My name is David Shannon and I am from Lexington, Kentucky.  I am sharing pictures I have taken at the Lemmon Family Cemetery in Harrison County Kentucky.  This cemetery is located off of highway 36 between Cynthiana and Williamstown near the area known as Renaker.  This is located on a farm and barely visible from highway 36.  I have traced my family roots back to Isaac and Margaret Lemmon Conrad who are buried at this site.  I give permission to use and copy any of the information you may find helpful on this page. There may be mistakes!!  Please help me correct any that you find.

My purpose is 2-fold.  I hope if you are searching and find this site it is helpful to you...  And if you can provide more information of my family history, please contact me.  I can be contacted at this link:

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I am also working on several other cemetery sites:
the Conrad Cemetery in Grant Co., Kentucky,
the Antioch Church Cemetery in Franklin Co., Kentucky,
the Old Union Christian Church Cemetery in Fayette Co., Kentucky,
and the Henderson Cemetery and the Wagers-Brinegar Cemetery in Estill, Co., Kentucky.
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My Cemetery Research

I appreciate the help of  Anne H. Lee, with the Harrison County, Kentucky GenWeb website.
She has provided some of the information included on this site.  She has compiled a nearly complete listing of graves from the Lemmon Cemetery.
Check out their site:

 Harrison Co. KY GenWeb





Pictures above and below used with permission by Kristal Shannon








Left above - Marker for Margaret Lemmon Conrad - Died May 20, 1859
Grave cannot be located for Isaac Conrad - Died March 11, 1850

Margaret was the daughter of Jacob Lehman and Anna Marie Jung
Isaac Conrad was the son of Henry and Elizabeth Conrad

Margaret and Isaac Conrad are my 5 great grandparents.

Their son was William Conrad, his son was William G. Conrad, his daughter was Sarah Conrad Childers, Her daughter was Carrie Childers Brown, her son was Sylvester Childers Brown, his daughter is my mother Dolores Brown Shannon.

Margaret Lemmon Conrad site.

Jacob Boyers was born May 12, 1770 and Died May 11, 1843
Jacob married Dorothy Lemmon, a sister of Margaret.

John Boyers - Born December 1, 1808 and Died August 8, 1839


Adam Rennaker (Sr.) Born November 20, 1772 and Died March 8, 1852
Elizabeth (Lemmon) Rennaker - wife of Adam Rennaker Sr. Born January 1, 1768 and Died May 16, 1841


Mary F. Lemmon - Wife of D. B. Lemmon - Died June 2, 1897

I did not see any graves used since 1921, but it is nice to see that three "replacement" markers have been purchased.



The four pictures above show the grave of Jacob & Matilda Lemmon

Jacob Lemmon:   b: October 8, 1806  d: June 2, 1891
Matilda wife of Jacob Lemmon:    b: January 24, 1802  -  d: April 12, 1874


Wm. J. W. Skirvin:   b: Octobere 18, 1846  -  d: August 19, 1863
Adopted son of J. D. & Polly Rennecker


This new Marker for David and Elizabeth Boyers Lemmon replaced the old marker just below of Elizabeth.



Above left - Hand written marker - Irene Hutchison who died as an infant in 1921
Above right - Elizabeth Ekler, born May 20, 1802 - wife of Henry Ekler.


Above left - Rachel Eglar - Born January 23, 1797 and Died November 17, 1850
Above right - marker - Children of D. B. & M. E. Lemmon.


Above left - Mary E. Hutcherson - Died December 27, 1871 - 16 years old
Above right - Adam Juett - Born April 17, 1819 and Died January 12, 1894


J. H. Renaker - Born March 1, 1822 and Died May 29, 1888
and his wife Amanda Renaker - Born September 15, 1828 and Died November 1, 1866


The cemetery is in good upkeep.  This marker was placed back in a corner with assorted trash.  Possibly Elizabeth Renaker Juett, wife of Adam Juett.

Unknown infant grave.


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