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We carry a wide variety of oil-burning lamps.

We will try to address a couple of common questions before I show examples of our lamps.

The first question we hear....

Question:  "Is it safe to burn oil-lamps inside the house?"

Answer:  "Yes". However, common sense is required. If you have no common sense, then an oil-burning lamp could be a problem!  You need to use caution when filling your lamps. When possible fill the lamps outside in case you spill the oil while you are filling the lamps. Secondly, make sure there is some ventilation in the room you are using the lamp. Some new homes are sealed so tight, it may be necessary to slightly crack open a window.

Question: "What type of oil should I use in my oil lamps?"

Answer:  The fuel of choice is kerosene. This can be purchased at many gas stations. If you burn oil lamps a lot, this makes the most sense. There is a slight odor with kerosene, but not as much as there was years ago. This is a result of better refinement of the kerosene. We do sell a convenient container of Lamp Fuel from Aladdin. This is a 32 oz. bottle. See information about this product below. One of the most common nationally known products is a lamp oil from Lamplight. This is made from paraffin, and can cause your lamp burners to become "gummed-up" and tight as the paraffin hardens inside the burner.

Question: "Will it harm my oil lamp if I want to electrify it?"

Answer:  Many oil lamps can be electrified without altering the lamp. This can do done by replacing the oil burner with an electrified burner. This includes almost all glass oil lamps. Electrifying brass oil lamps without altering the lamp can be done, but it is more difficult. Most oil lamps retain their value whether they are kept oil or electrified. We find the value to actually increase with the convenience of electric.




Call for current availability of oil lamps.
Most glass oil lamps as shown in the pictures above, range in price
from $75.00 - $150.00 with burner and chimney.

Below are vintage Aladdin Mantle Oil Lamps
Call for current availability and pricing.
Most Aladdin lamps are from $295.00 to $895.00, complete.






Aladdin Lamp Fuel - 32 oz. bottle - $15.00 each



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