I am sharing information I have gathered based on family memories and information gathered from actual tombstones.  Most information gathered is directly from the Old Union Christian Church Cemetery on Russell Cave Road in rural Lexington, Kentucky.  This area is known as Loradale.  My name is David Shannon and my grandmother was Dora Harp Griffin.  Although my grandmother is buried elsewhere (Bluegrass Memorial Gardens) many of her family members are buried at the Old Union Christian Church Cemetery including her parents, my great grandparents, Lloyd & Julia Harp.

My purpose is 2-fold.  I hope if you are searching and find this site it is helpful to you...  And if you can provide more information of my family history, please contact me.  I can be contacted at this link:

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I am placing pictures of grave stones and any information I have about the deceased.  All information is based on information I have gathered.  There may be mistakes!!  Please help me correct any that you find.

I am also trying to survey the Old Union Cemetery.  The following list will take you to my site.      Old Union Christian Church Cemetery

I am also working on several other cemetery sites:  the Lemmon Cemetery in Harrison Co., Kentucky, the Conrad Cemetery in Grant Co., Kentucky, the Antioch Church Cemetery in Franklin Co., Kentucky, and the Henderson Cemetery and the Wagers-Brinegar Cemetery in Estill, Co., Kentucky.  If you are interested you can follow this link.

My Cemetery Research



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Lloyd & Julia Harp's Wedding Picture - Lloyd was 20 years old. (This would make it 1894)
Sally Rhorer is the lady standing behind them - the gentleman is unknown.

Lloyd Harp


Julia Harp

John & Laura Harp


Lloyd Harp had a brother named John Harp and Julia had a sister named Laura.  They also were married:


My great-grandparents:
Lloyd Harp - Born May 15, 1874 and Died April 28, 1952
& Julia Harp - Born Jan 13, 1879 and Died May 6, 1960


John D. Harp - Born in 1864 and Died in 1962
& Laura A. Harp - Born in 1865 and Died in 1953



Julia A Harp: Wife of George Harp, Born September 4, 1812 and Died December 19, 1862.

Could this be the grandmother of Lloyd Harp and John Harp?




Bottom, Left to Right:  Slim Shearer (husband of Ethel Harp DeCarolis), Dona DeCarolis (later married Bobby Garrett), Chester Harp, Abe Harp, Clyde Harp, Jesse "Woodie" Harp, Jim Robb (friend of Ada Harp Wells).  Top, Left to Right:  Mary Harp Mattox Phillips, Dorothy Mattox (daughter of Mary & Wilbur Mattox), Jean (daughter of Dorothy), Edgar Griffin (husband of Dora Harp), Ada Harp Wells, Lloyd Harp, David Paul Brown, Dora Harp Fuller-Brown-Griffin, Paula Brown (daughter of David Paul and Winona Sons Brown. Later married Allen Caldwell), Barbara Harp Lakes (daughter of Clyde and Emma Lee), Emma Lee Harp Harp, & Vera Harp (wife of Chester Harp).



Clyde W. Harp, PFC U.S. Army, World War II - Born July 4, 1917 and Died August 3, 1985

Clyde & Emma Lee Harp's son Jesse W. Harp "Woodie", U.S. Army - Born April 25, 1935 and Died November 13, 1986


Chester Don Harp, Son of Lloyd & Julia Harp - U.S. Navy, World War II, Born August 24, 1909 and Died June 26, 1972


Bottom, Left to Right:  Mary Harp Phillips, Clyde Harp, Jess Harp.
Middle, Left to Right:  Ethel Harp DeCarolis, Dora Harp Griffen, Abe Harp.
Top, Left to Right:  Chester Harp, Ada Harp Wells.


Bottom, Left to Right:  Dora, Ethel, Mary, & Ada
Top, Left to Right:  Clyde, Jess, Abe, & Chester.


Lloyd E Wells Born May 22, 1922 and Died July 31, 1993 (see just below)
Ada Harp Wells - Born December 12, 1906 and Died October 15, 1970


Three of John & Laura Harp's children are buried by their parents:


John Henry - Died April 27, 1947     "GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN"
Bess Harp Childs - Born March 7, 1893 and died August 4, 1988

Below: Omah Harp Ransdell - Died May 20, 1948     "She has only gone home and waits for you there"


Shown at right, above is Omah Harp Ransdell and her husband, Gilbert Sterling Ransdell in front of their house in Erlanger, KY, 1941
Omah was Gilbert's second wife.
Photo courtesy of their granddaughter, Jane Hopson McClure.

Doris Fields Harp - Born May 8, 1913 and Died July 17, 2001
Andrew C. Harp - Born January 14, 1911 and Died March 12, 1968
Andrew was the brother of Emma Lee Harp-Harp


George Harp - Died in 1835

Bethiah Harp:  Wife of Boston Harp - Died in 1900


James Andrew Harp & Ida Franklin Harp


Abram Harp - Born July 26, 1900 and Died April 2, 1950

Alice Harp - Died September 25, 1875

George Harp - Died in 1835



Joseph Harp - Infant son of  J. & L. Harp Born in 1908 and Died in 1909

"Sleep Little Joseph in eternal rest.  God called you home, He thought it best."

Mary Harp: Wife of Abram Harp - Born April 19, 1837 and Died December 17, 1880

Mary Evelyn Fuller - Wife of Jeff Claude Fuller - Born May 5, 1932 and Died October 30, 2002


James D. Fuller - Born December 4, 1895 and Died October 31, 1918

Jefferson D. Fuller - Born October 4, 1859 and Died January 13, 1917
Martha Ellen Fuller - Born May 21, 1868 and died October 24, 1940

Mary Lou Fuller - Infant Child - Born March 9, 1942 and Died February 19, 1943
Daughter of Horace and Lucille Fuller (Horace was the son of Dora Harp Fuller-Brown-Griffin)



Conrad & Catherine Harp

Old Union Christian Church Cemetery



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