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Aladdin B-75 Tall Lincoln Drape
Ivory Alacite Art Glass

Aladdin produced the Tall Lincoln Drape Lamp from 1940 to 1949

Excerpt from "Aladdin, The Magic name in Lamps": The original Alacite lamps made before the war (WWII) contained uranium and are generally uniform ivory color. Alacite lamps made during and after World war II vary from good ivory color to pink-tint to light-brown...  Alacite first appeared in the sales literature on January 1, 1939.  Alacite lamps were either decorated or undecorated.  The decorated lamps were often painted on the inside as well as painted on the outside of the Alacite base.  The original Alacite formula contained uranium oxide, which, along with red lead, imparted its characteristic ivory tint.  The original Alacite produces a characteristic yellow glow under ultraviolet light (black light).  The Atomic Energy Commission did not permit the use of uranium during or after the war."

Picture below shows a Pre-war and a Post-War lamp side by side under an ultra-violent light. As can be seen the pre-war lamp glows green with the UV light due to the uranium that was used during production. The post-war lamp shows purple without the uranium.

Available in your choice of Oil Burning or Electric.

This lamp is being offered complete with your choice of 10" Opal Glass shade
and an Aladdin Lox-On Chimney


Pre-war - $450.00 with opal Shade
Post-War - $345.00 with Opal Shade
(add $50.00 for a Painted Shade)

plus shipping





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