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We are authorized dealers for Aladdin Mantle Lamp Company. 
To see information on genuine replacement Aladdin Lamp Parts follow this link:

Aladdin Lamp Parts



We do refer to these reference books in providing much of the information contained on this page.  We highly recommend that you purchase each of these for your own reference.  We do offer these at the suggested retail prices.

"Aladdin - Electric Lamps" (for Aladdin Electric Lamp information) - Soft Cover, $24.95

"Aladdin - The Magic Name in Lamps" (for Aladdin Oil Lamp information) - Hardback, Autographed!, $44.95.

Also available are the companion Price Guides @ $8.95 each



Above, see variety of Aladdin lamps that we have offered.  This inventory is constantly changing.  Check out listed lamps below that are now available.  Watch the DreamWorks  movie "Dreamer", that was filmed in Lexington. They purchased seven of our restored Aladdin Lamps and they were used on the set, along with two of our custom designed Horse Lamps.

                   Lamps for "Dreamer" Set


According to the book, "Aladdin Electric Lamps" by J. W. Courter:  "Alacite first appeared in the sales literature on January 1, 1939.  Alacite lamps were either decorated or undecorated.  The decorated lamps were often painted on the inside as well as painted on the outside of the Alacite base.  The original Alacite formula contained uranium oxide, which, along with red lead, imparted its characteristic ivory tint.  The original Alacite produces a characteristic yellow glow under ultraviolet light (black light).  The Atomic Energy Commission did not permit the use of uranium during or after the war."

Alacite produced after 1943 did not contain uranium and will not glow under a black light.


Aladdin B-75 Lincoln Drape (Circa 1940 - 1949)

The lamp on the right is Pre-War 1940-1943
The lamp on the left is Post-War 1944-1949

Beware of imported Reproductions of this lamp.

Being offered with an authentic Aladdin Brand electric burner OR the original Aladdin oil burner and new Aladdin Lox-On lamp chimney.  Shown with a vintage hand-painted lamp shade with a fall leaves design.

                                   Pre-War Lincoln Drape Lamp                                   Post-War Lincoln Drape Lamp
                                       $450.00 with Opal Shade                                          $385.00 with Opal Shade
                              $485.00 with painted shade as shown                       $425.00 with painted shade as shown
                          (includes painted shade up to $100.00 value)               (includes painted shade up to $100.00 value)
                                                       Follow link below to see shade selection available.

Glass Lamp Shades




Aladdin "Corinthian" Style B-116 - Clear Beta Crystal, plain brass connector  (Circa 1935-1936)

Glass Lamp Shades





Aladdin Washington Drape Lamps (circa 1941-1955)






Aladdin "Cathedral" Style 107 - Clear Beta Crystal  (Circa 1934)



Aladdin "Beehive" Style B-80 - Clear Beta Crystal  (Circa 1937 and 1938)



Aladdin Alacite Electric Lamps






Do you have an electric lamp like one of the Aladdin lamps pictured below that is missing its electrical assembly unit or the unit is in need of replacing? 

We make-up and offer this replacement unit for these lamps.  This is not offered by Aladdin Mantle Lamp Co.  We use the highest quality components available today, including Leviton electrical sockets.  Includes 3-terminal and night light socket combination that allows the lamp to use a regular light bulb at the top and a night light bulb inside the lamp itself.  Comes with a removable and re-attachable plug to allow the wire to be slipped through the base of the lamp.  $52.00 per unit.












Aladdin Boudoir Lamps

Aladdin made several styles of boudoir lamps designed to be used in bedrooms.
Below are examples of Aladdin boudoir lamps.










This Aladdin lamp shown above was a very popular lamp.
This lamp, model #G-322, with a "Lily of the Valley" design, with a "Chartreuse" (lime-green) background
color on the Alacite glass stands 26" high and has a bamboo colored silk lamp shade.  Circa 1950 & 1951.

Bill Courter writes in his Aladdin Electric Lamp reference book, "One interesting post-war change in distribution (of Aladdin Lamps) was the party plan initiated by Stanley Home Products in Massachusetts.  In one year in the late 1940's, Stanley used more than 300,000 Aladdin electric lamps, principally as a gift for the party givers."  This lamp was the main lamp used for that partnership.  I also have heard, but I'm not positive that it was available through Top Value Stamps as a premium.

$165.00 each


We gladly accept Visa & MasterCard


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