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We carry a complete line of lamp parts including specialty lamp sockets and fittings.  However, with the numerous parts available we sometimes need to special order certain items. 


We stock a nice selection of quality brass lamp finials.  These finials sell for $15.00 each.
Call for availability.


This picture shows the horse-head finials, available in Nickel finish, Polished Brass, and Antique Brass Finish.
The horse finials sell for $15.00 each.

The picture above shows Porcelain Ball Finials, available in White, Beige, and Black Porcelain.
Each finial measures 2" in height. Finial base is solid brass.
The porcelain finials sell for $15.00 each.


Do you have a lamp with a 3/8" fitter that you want to use a decorative finial?

We offer a 3/8F to 1/4-27M reducer. This allows the finial to fit. See pictures below to see example of usage.

$4.25 each




We carry 8' lengths of standard SPT-1 Lamp Cord with a polarized plug in the following color choices:
White, Brown, Black, Clear Silver, & Clear Gold. $7.50 each.

We carry Leviton brand lamp sockets. Shown above are the following types:

All of these sockets are brass plated aluminum - available with or without a set screw on the socket heal.
Keyless, Push through, Single Turn, 3-Way turn are all $5.50 each.
Pull-chain single - $6.50 each.



Leviton brand specialty sockets:

(shown left to right)
1 - 3-way turn socket with 1/8F hickey - $7.50 each
2 - Porcelain keyless socket with 1/8F hickey - $5.95 each
3 (& below) - 3-terminal socket with 1/8F hickey - $8.00 each
4 (& below) - 3-terminal socket in brass plated shell - $8.00 each
Below - bakelite pigtail candelabra socket with 18" lead wires (not Leviton) $5.50 each

The 3-terminal sockets and the pigtail candelabra sockets are used together in lamps that have a regular lamp socket in the top of the lamp and a night light bulb that clips in the bottom of the lamp. The 3-terminal socket is also commonly called a "3-way, top & bottom".



Solid Brass, Polished & Lacquered - 2-1/4" shade holders with set screws.

Plain design with slot for turn knob electric socket key to extend - $16.50 each
Embossed design without a slot, designed for keyless sockets - $24.00 each


Standard Base Light Bulb Riser / Extender
Extends the length of a light bulb approximately 1"

$6.00 each


We don't carry a full line of light bulbs, but we do stock the Mogul Base Light Bulb:
100-200-300 watt 3-way bulb with Mogul Base.

$9.95 each


You can reduce the bulb size requirement for a lamp with a mogul base socket to accommodate a standard base light bulb with a "Mogul to Standard Light Bulb Reducer". Note: using this reducer eliminates the 3-way capability of the socket. See pictures below:

$6.00 each





Solid Brass #1 Electric Lamp Burner - $35.00 each
Solid Brass #2 Electric Lamp Burner - $35.00 each

Helpful Information:

#1 lamp burners fit a lamp collar with a 7/8" opening and uses a lamp chimney
with a 2-1/2" O.D. fitter.  Uses a 5/8" flat wick.
#2 lamp burner fits a lamp collar with a 1-3/16" opening and uses a lamp chimney
with a 3" O.D. fitter.
   Uses a 1" flat wick.



Solid Brass #1 Oil Lamp Burner w/wick - $25.00 each
Solid Brass #2 Oil Lamp Burner w/wick - $25.00 each


Uno Sockets, Adapters and fittings

See also:  Uno Lamp Shades

We stock several choices on "Uno" sockets.  Each of these choices are solid brass.  We do not recommend using a Uno socket that is not solid brass due to the strength of the metal. The brass plated aluminum sockets are more suspect to come apart while the lamp is in use. 
We offer the traditional Leviton shelled socket that snaps together for $12.75 each.  (pictures below)

And, we now stock a brass shelled Uno socket that has a feature that really eliminates the possibility of the socket coming unsnapped while in use.  We do replace the original socket interior with a much better Leviton socket interior.  This socket does not snap together (or apart) like the traditional socket, but it is made with a threaded ring that secures the socket together, but still allows easy access to the socket interior for repairs or other purposes.  Prices & Pictures below.

We also stock the brass plated, bridge arm swivel bracket socket cap adapter.  This is designed to screw into any 1/8F socket cap.  This adapter is complete with a butterfly wing nut.  $4.50 each.  (pictures below)

We also stock a solid brass Uno shade holder to fit a 2-1/4" shade.  $7.50 each.  (pictures below)



(Above) Solid Brass "Leviton" Brand Uno Socket with Regular Turn-Knob interior  - $12.75 each




High Quality Uno Sockets with a threaded ring to allow access to electrical socket interior. Each include a "Leviton" turn-knob socket interior (Single Turn or 3-way) and a matching turn knob.  This socket shell is designed to stop the problem of the socket shell coming unsnapped when the socket is is use. This can be a problem with many of the traditional snap-together sockets.

Solid Brass (High Polish) - $24.75 each
Nickel Plated (High Polish) - $24.75 each
Antique Brass Finish - $28.50 each
Pull-Chain Interior - Solid Brass (High Polish) - $26.75


(Above) Brass plated, bridge arm swivel bracket socket cap adapter - $4.50 each.


(Above) Solid Brass, 3" fitter, chimney holder with a Uno fitter - $18.50 each

With this chimney holder you can add a 3" fitter lamp chimney to any lamp that has a socket with the Uno threading. No rewiring or assembly required. Simply screw the chimney holder directly on the Uno socket and it is ready to use.




(Above) Solid brass (high polish) Uno shade holder to fit glass shades. 
Picture above shows this fitter in action!!

2-1/4" holder with Uno fitter - $9.50
3-1/4" holder with Uno fitter - $18.00
4" holder with Uno fitter - $25.00



Do you have a lamp shade that is designed to fit on a lamp harp,
but you would like to clip it on a light bulb?

This clip adapter with finial will allow that to happen. See pictures above.

$5.00 for the clip adapter with brass plated finial.



Solid Brass Ball Swivel - 3/8M x 3/8F threads.
$7.00 each

Lamp Harps - $7.00 each

We carry the following sizes of brass plated lamp harps. We have a limited regular stock inventory of nickel plated harps (call for availability)

Sizes available include" 6", 6.5", 7", 7.5", 8", 8.5", 9", 10", 11", & 12"






As an authorized Aladdin Mantle Lamp Co. dealer, we are able to offer genuine replacement Aladdin parts and lamps.  We stock items that we have the most request for including:  Mantles, Wicks, Chimneys, Burners, and shade holders.

Aladdin Lamp Parts


If you are interested in Aladdin Lamps and the history of the Aladdin Mantle Lamp Co., we highly recommend that you purchase each of these for your own reference.  We do offer these at the suggested retail prices.

"Aladdin - Electric Lamps" (for Aladdin Electric Lamp information) - Soft Cover, $24.95

Also available are the companion Price Guides @ $8.95 each




We stock a selection of Oil Lamps, Lamp Oil, Oil Burners, & Oil Lamp Wicks. These items come in handy when the power goes off!! Be Prepared!!


We stock a full line of lamp parts for oil lamps and oil lamps that have been electrified. 


Thanks to our repair service, we carry a complete inventory of lamp parts such as the lamp harps and the prisms & Aladdin Parts as pictured in the display cases below.






We stock a full line of replacement glass shades for student style lamps.
This includes the most common 10" shades, along with 7" & 6" shades.
Also, as seen in the pictures above, we carry a full line of lamp chimneys.

Click on the following link for more information

 Glass Lamp Shades

We gladly accept Visa & MasterCard


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