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"Man" Lamps

Are you having a hard time finding a tough looking lamp.  This page may be just what you're looking for.  These lamps are designed for the "Man".  Yes, designed for the "Man's" Room (or cave).  There's no cute fringe on this page!    Great for a boy's room who is tired of the baby look, but who is not wanting Mom's lamp.


Military Ammo-Box Lamp

This lamp has been made from an Army surplus ammunition case.  With original "Army Green" paint with yellow lettering.  With a custom designed, rectangle lamp shade.

Lamp is 20" high and sells for $175.00. 



Is Fishing your interest?


Minnow Bucket Lamp

This Vintage Frabill, Oval Galvanized Wading Bucket makes the perfect lamp for the fisherman in your family.
Includes the original strap that can easily be removed, if desired.
It stands 18-1/2" tall, including the lampshade.


Die-Cast Airstream "Flying Cloud"
Camper Lamp

This die-cast Airstream RV / Camper is a retired piece that was sold by Pottery Barn.
We have transformed it into this must-have lamp for any camping enthusiast.
Since we make all of the lampshades we sell, we purchased this reproduction
vintage camping themed fabric for the shade. Buyer may request traditional shade, if desired.
It stands 15" tall, including the lampshade & is 14" wide. Great size for any location,
maybe even your Airstream Travel Trailer.

$250.00, plus shipping



Fire Extinguisher Lamp


Other brands may be available, please call for current alternative availability.

Current stock will vary depending on Fire Extinguishers we locate. Some of the antique extinguishers were solid brass and some are copper.

Normal price range is $385 - $495 complete with choice of lamp shade.


  Empire Fire Extinguisher Lamp

Elmira, NY

We have two identical available, one has been Professionally Polished & Lacquered (Shown in Pictures)
and the other has not been polished. These stand 38" tall, including the lampshade.

Polished - $425.00
Unpolished - $325.00




Duncan Electric Meter Lamp

This Lamp is made from an Antique working electric meter.  With the 3-way switch,
you can see the speed of the dial increase as you switch the light bulb from low, to medium, to high.
Designed with an Oak Wood Base. Really cool!    Stands 21" tall, including the lampshade.

$285.00, plus shipping

Meter Details: Duncan Elec. Mfg. Co.
15 Amp - 120 Volt - Singlephase - Watthour Meter






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