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Quality Novelty Lamps - Custom made by
Shannon Lamp Service, Inc.

These lamps are not the poor quality imported versions that are so common in the low-end discount stores.  The painted wood base lamps that are seen below are hard-wood that have been turned and painted in the U.S.A.  We custom design lamp shades to give a unique look for any design or taste.  The lamps pictured are now available for immediate shipping, or you can provide us with 1-1/4 yards of your fabric and we can make the shade with your interest.   Each example of these lamps sell for $125.00 and stands 20" high.  As seen below:   
John Deere Tractor Lamp
Cincinnati Reds Lamp
Coca Cola (Coke) Lamp
Children's Aviation Lamp with Airplanes & Helicopters 
M & M's Candy Lamp with Blue or Red stem
Kentucky Wildcat Lamp
U.S.A. American Flag Motif Patriotic Lamp


With a "John Deere Green" painted stem and a John Deere motif fabric lamp shade everything comes together nicely  'cause...

Nothin' Runs Like a Deere!











Yes, Made in the U.S.A!!!

Are you looking for a quality lamp for a child's room that's NOT made in China!  This combination of hard wood base & stem and custom designed lamp shade featuring an Aviation theme in a children's motif is just the answer.  Available in Red, Green or Blue.  Ask about custom colors.

In stock lamps - $125.00 each









Electric Meter Lamp

This Lamp is made from an Antique working electric meter.  With the 3-way switch, you can see the speed of the dial increase as you switch the light bulb from low, to medium, to high.  Really cool!    Complete with #509 Parchment Linen lamp shade.

$235.00, plus shipping

Meter Details: Sangamo Electric Co., Springfield, IL.
15 Amp - 120 Volt - Singlephase - Watthour Meter




A great idea for a retirement or anniversary gift for anyone that works in the power company business.  There is a great space in front of the meter on the base to add an engraved plaque to signify the purpose in the lamp.

Congratulations to
Bill Anderson
for 40 years of service to the
Kentucky Utilities Company
1973 - 2013



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