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 e-mail for David Shannon

The following information was provided by Cynthia Bishop & Robert "Joe" Whitsitt Bishop to be passed along on this site to help those families interested in researching the Frakes family. Several of which are buried at the Old Union Christian Church Cemetery. I have taken the liberty of highlighting the information that pertains to this cemetery.

It is interesting to note that Eliza Jane Boone Frakes was the great-niece of Kentucky pioneer Daniel Boone. As can be seen below Eliza was the daughter of James Boone. James' father was Jonathan Boone who was a brother of Daniel and of Squire Boone, Jr.

Thanks to Joe and Cynthia for providing this information.

David Shannon


I typed out the Bible entries and added info in parentheses; then did the family history after that. Here it is:
[from the Frakes Family Bible still in the possession of James Alexis Whitsitt (mother was Mary Emma Frakes) when he died in 1969 in the Farmhouse at 1901 Ferguson Road, Lexington, Kentucky]

John C. Frakes & Eliza J. Boone were married Feb. 6th 1849

James Henry Frakes born Feb. 22nd 1850         *James Henry died October 2nd 1864 [war-related]
Mary Emma Frakes born April 24th 1851             [Lexington Cemetery (?)]
John Brooks Frakes born August 2nd 1852          [Lexington Cemetery (?)]
Noah Edgar Frakes born August 16th 1854         *Noah died September 28th 1855
Mattie Belle Frakes born Dec. 29th 1858             *Mattie Belle died September 29th 1860
Calvin Frakes born March 16th 1860                     *Calvin died March 16th 1860

                    *John Calvin Frakes died June 25 1871
                    *Eliza Jane Boone Frakes died Nov. 30 1882 [55yrs]
                    [*buried in Old Union Cemetery, Russell Cave Road]

DEATHS [continued]
**Dolla [Dollie Mollie Levesque] Boone died Dec. 29 1869 [69 yrs] [mother of Eliza Jane Boone]
**James [Mulholland?] Boone died July 23 1878 [80 yrs] [father of Eliza Jane]
[their other children =]
**Mary Ann [Boone] Ardery died April 16 1874 [49 yrs]
**James A. Boone died March 4 1880 [45 yrs]
**Martha [Boone] Liter [or Lyter] died January 17 1882 [51 yrs]
**Lucinda [Boone] Norvill died Sept. 1882 [62 yrs]
[**buried in Paris Cemetery, Main Street, Paris, Kentucky]

[....and from the Family Bible Records, we have determined the following:
George Boone III (1666-1744) m. Mary Maugridge (1669-1740)
   son: Squire Boone, Sr. (1696-1774) m. Sarah Morgan (1700-1777)
      son: Jonathan Boone (1730-1808?) (brother of Daniel and Squire Jr.) m. Mary Carter (1730-?)
         son: James Boone (1798-1878) m. Dollie Mollie Levesque (1800-1869)
            daughter: Eliza Jane Boone (1827-1882) m. John Calvin Frakes on Feb. 9 1849)
               daughter: Mary Emma Frakes (1851- ) m. James Whitsitt
                  son: James Alexis Whitsitt m. Margaret Ford Davis
                     daughter: Dorothy Davis Whitsitt (1912-1989) m. James Clarence Bishop (1912-1999)
                        son: Robert W. ‘Joe’ Bishop m. Cynthia Graham on August 26, 1970
                           children: Jessica Levesque, Joshua Davis, Amanda Joyce, Alexandra Kelt
                              grandchild: Ganyon Davis Wolfgang Stich


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