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We were chosen to be included in the new book released and sold nationally
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"Shannon Lamp Service is definitely a one-of-a-kind." "Shannon Lamps is a business that defines
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We are delighted to be featured in the May 2007 Southern Living magazine.  Southern Living prints their monthly magazine with regional issues and we are in the Kentucky regional issue.  You may live in an area that receives another publication.  The following has been scanned directly from the issue.





JANUARY 23rd 2006
By Karla Ward


Family-run shop 'can make a lamp out of anything'

     You name it, and Shannon Lamp Service can probably make a lamp out of it.
     A thermos, a minnow bucket, ABC blocks, antique roller skates, bowling pins -- the Lexington company has turned them all into light sources.
     "We can make a lamp out of anything," said David Shannon, the second generation operator of the business.
     The store, which has been in the same location at 1210 North Limestone since 1963, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.
     It is scheduled to be featured on KET's Kentucky Life series at 8 p.m. Saturday.  The show will be rebroadcast at 4:30 p.m. Sunday.
     David Shannon's father, Coleman Shannon, founded the company in 1956, focusing on lamp repair and brass, copper, and silver polishing and plating.
     Coleman Shannon said he decided to start making lampshades in 1972, and that portion of the business became known as Shamrock Shades.  It quickly outpaced and led to the dissolution of the plating side of the company.
     Now 84, Coleman Shannon still works two days a week in the shop. David Shannon's wife, Amy, also spends several days a week there.
     Hard-backed fabric shades that are made on site remain a big part of the company's business. In addition to what's sold in the retail part of the shop, the Shannons also sell some shades wholesale.
     Customers frequently bring in their own fabric and trim and have custom shades made to match lamps they already own.
     The store still repairs lamps and sells Aladdin lamps the family has refurbished.
     As a side business, the father and son do chair caning, and six years ago, Coleman Shannon taught himself to work stained glass. He now offers repairs for broken stained glass shades.
     Customers frequently ask the store to make lamps from sentimental items such as jockey boots, football helmets and law or medical books.
     One customer had a lamp made out of the antique water pump from the family farm.
     Melanie Turner said she had David Shannon turn a piece of hand-blown purple glass into an electric lamp that resembles an old-style oil lamp.
     "They provide good, old fashioned service," said Turner, who lives in Millersburg but works in Lexington. "Things are done one at a time, and in today's world that means a good deal to me."
     Frazer Duncan, who lives in Nicholasville, stopped in one recent morning to pick out two shades and other parts for two Aladdin lamps that had belonged to his grandmother.
     "I've got very little stuff from my grandma," Duncan said. "You can buy the lamp at an auction, but that one... it means something to me."
     Duncan said the parts he bought aren't readily available.
     "I've looked everywhere, and nobody handles this stuff," Duncan said. "He had basically what I wanted."
     Just over a year ago, when the movie Dreamer was being filmed here, a buyer for Steven Spielberg dropped in and purchased nine lamps for the movie set.
     One was a custom-made horse-themed lamp with a spinning shade that appeared on-screen for a few seconds in Dakota Fanning's character's bedroom.
     "It's amazing how many people saw it and they want it," David Shannon said.
     That lamp was one of a kind, but he said the movie has generated several hits on the company's Web site.
     "It's gotten our name out there," he said. "That's the big thing."
     Still, most of Shannon Lamp Service's business comes from repeat customers.
     Martha Mooney has bought lamps, has had lamps repaired and has had shades made at the store.
     "My mother used them." Mooney said. "And she's been dead for 30 years.


Initial airing:  January 28/29, 2006: Program 1204
Produced by Joy Flynn

"Since 1956, the family-operated Shannon Lamp Service in Lexington has specialized in creating custom lamps and lampshades".

Streaming Video of our KET Kentucky Life feature






 August 30, 2003
--Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader Staff Writer--
Beverly wrote an article "Lamps Illuminated"
featuring custom lamps and designs.  We contributed to and were featured in her article and had many positive remarks made concerning the story.

Following are excerpts from this article

     That old trumpet from high school marching band stuck away in the attic gathering dust. Great lamp potential there. Ditto for the trophy you won on the office bowling team, your mom's old roller skates, a manual typewriter and even a favorite teddy bear.
     "We can make a lamp out of just about anything," said David Shannon, owner of Shannon Lamp Service on North Limestone in Lexington. He has converted blowtorches, fire extinguishers and riding boots into lamps.
     According to the American Lighting Association, traditional, polished brass fixtures still form the core of the decorative lighting business, but other options have become more important in recent years.
    Ruth Ann Palumbo, a state representative who lives on Deepwood Drive, keeps an eye out at estate auctions and thrift shops for old vases to make into lamps.
     "Sometimes you just stumble on a vase where the colors are just right, It's something you never could go to a store and find," she said.
     With a diamond-bit drill, china and porcelain pieces can be drilled for a wire without breaking them. The result turns an old vase not just into a lamp, Palumbo said, but "a beautiful work of art."
     Fitting a lamp made from a found object with a shade can be a challenge though. Shannon's Lamp Service custom makes shades, the kind with a hard back and straight, slanted sides.
     "We can't do curves, but we can do any degree of slant and any size shade," said Shannon, whose father Coleman started the family lamp business in 1956. His shop carries bolts of different fabrics including silk and pleated materials. Customers also bring in their own fabric. The result is a lamp like no other.


The Light Fantastic

Whether you have a keepsake figurine, an ammo box, or a set of children’s wooden blocks, David Shannon can turn it into a custom-made treasure.

          A warm glow surrounds David Shannon and his wife, Amy – probably due to the plethora of lamps in their 50-year-old family business, Shannon Lamp Service. You might think this Lexington, Kentucky, institution would be a fun place to visit. But it’s truly an electrifying experience.

 Made in the Shade 

         “We make our own lampshades,” says David. “That enables us to customize any lamp or replace any shade.” It also makes Shannon Lamp different from discount shops that order flimsy lampshades in bulk from faraway lands.
            “People get attached to lamps they’ve inherited from their grandmothers,” he adds. “The lamps might not be priceless heirlooms, but our customers love them and want new shades.”

 Watt’s Up

             Here’s the really neat thing about Shannon Lamp. You can bring in pretty much any item, and David can turn it into a lamp for you. A large plaid thermos? Yep. A stack of books. Check. A favorite toy? Just take my word for it. (Prices for custom pieces start at *5.)
            Remember the Leg Lamp in A Christmas Story? Well, David can light up your life with one of those, too, for $275. And as for modern-day movie props, some of his custom lamps were used in the Kentucky-based film Dreamer, starring Dakota Fanning.
            David and Amy offer a wide variety of beautiful (and normal) lamps as well. One of their best-sellers has a figurine of a horse and rider as its base, popular in this equine-loving state. Prices for the bronze horse lamps range from $250 to $450.

 Hit the Switch

             Aside from lamps, shades, and custom work, David’s father creates beautiful stained glass pieces. Like I said, the place has a glow about it. This family business emits a warmth that has little to do with bulbs and watts and lots to do with craftsmanship, tradition, and a love of lighting up peoples’ lives.

 --Wanda McKinney

 Shannon Lamp Service: 1210 North Limestone, Lexington, KY 40505;
                             or (859) 255-5285


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