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Please understand that we make all of our lamp shades, in house.
We don't have someone else make our shades and put our name on them.
Back in 1972, my father decided he could make his own lamp shades. So he did!
46 years later and we are still going strong. When you purchase lamp shades
from us you can be assured of handmade quality with professionally
manufactured results. It is a good feeling to purchase directly from the
hands that made the product. You get a beautiful, quality product and
support the USA manufacturing process.

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Are you looking for something that is


...well, you've found it!

Some of the lamp supplies that we offer may be imported, but we make ALL of the lampshades that we sell. Every fabric & paper lampshade that we show on this site, including lampshades on lamps, we have made. We do not make our glass shades but almost all of the Opal & hand painted glass lampshades we sell are made in the U.S.A. by Davis-Lynch Glass in West Virginia.

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"Aladdin - The Magic Name in Lamps" (for Aladdin Oil Lamp information)
Autographed!, $44.95.

Aladdin Books


Need an oil-burning lamp for the long-Cold winter?  Oil Lamps



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Since 1956, Shannon Lamp Service, Inc. has been a family operated lamp business in Lexington, Kentucky. We specialize in creating custom lamps and lamp shades. In 1972 we began manufacturing hardback lampshades under the trade name "Shamrock Shades". Custom shades have become a major part of our business, as we offer shades on a retail and a wholesale level. Along with our custom lamps and shades, we offer a very experienced lamp repair and service for our customers. We sell Aladdin Lamps & parts as well as other restored antique lamps and fixtures. We stock a full line of lamp parts & we offer special ordering for parts that we have access to order. Additionally, we offer chair caning.  For more information on this service click the "chair caning" button.

Chair Caning



We were chosen to be included in the book released and sold nationally
Shopping Your Way Across Kentucky - the 101 Must See Places to Shop
written by Gary P. West and published by Acclaim Press

"Shannon Lamp Service is definitely a one-of-a-kind." "Shannon Lamps is a business that defines
 what small family business is all about." 
Gary P. West



We were featured in the May 2007 Southern Living Magazine!!

"Whether you have a keepsake figurine, an ammo box, or a set of children’s wooden blocks, David Shannon can turn it into a custom-made treasure."  Southern Living


Read the Southern Living Feature Article



See information regarding this lamp made for the DreamWorks movie, "Dreamer", that was filmed in Lexington and premiered in 2005

Lamps for "Dreamer" Set


This view from our showroom shows some of the "ready-made" inventory of lamp shades we offer.  For more information on our Lamp Shades follow this link:

Lamp Shades    Wholesale Lamp Shades





 We stock a full line of replacement glass shades for student style lamps.  This includes the most common 10" shades, along with 7" & 6" shades.  As shown in the picture above, we carry a full line of lamp chimneys.

Glass Lamp Shades




 Lamp Shade Production Room.



We were absolutely delighted to celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2006.  And now, as we move along, it seems harder and harder for independent family businesses to survive in today's business world.  We realize that the quality of our work and our customer service is so important, but customer loyalty through repeat business and satisfied customers referring others to us, is most important.  We are also pleased that several media outlets shared our recent Golden Anniversary with their audience.  Please take the opportunity to view the following media links and see how they have shared our story.

JANUARY 23rd 2006
By Karla Ward

Family-run shop 'can make a lamp out of anything'

January 28/29: Program 1204
Produced by Joy Flynn

"Since 1956, the family-operated Shannon Lamp Service in Lexington has specialized in creating custom lamps and lampshades".

Shannon Lamp featured on KET's Kentucky Life



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