"Chimney Ring Fitter Lampshades"


      .......Keep in mind that we make all of our lampshades and even though we may show a certain size shade on this site there is never an extra charge for "custom" making a lampshade that you need. Our shades are priced by size, shape, fabric & fitter.


Lampshades that require a ring fitter to slip over a glass chimney can be used on most electrified oil lamps, as shown below.
If the lamp is still being used with kerosene, we would recommend that common sense be used to make sure the heat from the flame is not too hot that
there would become an issue with the shade overheating and warping or even causing a fire.



As shown below, many lamps can be used with either a glass shade, like on
the right, or with a fabric shade, shown on the left with a Chimney Ring Fitter. The tripod that
holds the glass shade is simply removed and the Chimney Ring fabric shade
slides right onto the glass chimney. If you prefer a glass shade, wee offer those, as well.


Like all lampshades, a chimney ring fitter lampshade has three measurements:
Top, Bottom, and Slant.

However, with the chimney ring fitter it is also important to make sure the ring that
slides over the chimney is the correct size. The larger the ring the further the shade
will drop down on the chimney and lamp. And, as with all lampshades, we need to
know how far from the top of the shade the ring is recessed.


So, simply provide us with the following information and we will provide you
with the correct lampshade to fit over your glass chimney:

               1. Top diameter
               2. Bottom Diameter
               3. Slant measurement
               4. Fitter Type (in the case - Chimney Ring)
               5. Ring diameter (use inside measurement as shown in the picture)
               6. Recess of the fitter
               7. Fabric Choice




There are a couple of common sizes that we sell with the Chimney Ring fitter. 
We try to keep some of these shades made for quicker shipping.

4" top, 12" bottom, 7-1/2" slant
with a 2-3/8" ring and 1-3/4" recess

5-1/2" top, 12" bottom, 8" slant
with a 2-3/8" ring and 2-1/2" recess.

These prices are for the two sizes shown above

If your size or fabric is different, we would be glad to quote a price.

#101 Eggshell Silk    -    $71.50 each
#101 Bamboo Silk    -    $71.50 each
#104 Bamboo Silk    -    $71.50 each
#104 Black Silk      -      $71.50 each
#301 Light Parchment - $66.00 each
#302 Dark Parchment -  $66.00 each
#400 Natural Burlap   -   $65.00 each
#506 Flax Barkcloth -    $71.50 each
#509 Parchment Linen - $68.75 each


Remember:    We make every shade we sell and we do offer this
Chimney Ring fitter lampshade in any size and in any of the fabrics we offer.
Give us the information gathered in the 7 steps above and contact us for a quote.




Have Questions? Ready to place an order:

Give us a call at 859-255-5285 or send us an email at shannonlampservice@windstream.net