Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Where can I find lampshade pricing information?

A: Our lampshade pricing is based on several factors: shade measurements, fabric, trim, shape (round, oval, square, hexagon, octagon, etc.), and the type & color of the fitter. All of this information can be determined by following step by step instructions on this website. Contact us via telephone or e-mail with that information and we would be delighted to give the pricing information.

Q: Where do you show what size lampshades you offer?

A: We are our own manufacturer. We custom make every lampshade we sell. We offer any size lampshade, based on the information that can be gathered on our web site regarding fabric and fitters. We are capable of making ANY size lampshades, however, we will not ship extremely large lampshades due to damage occurred in shipping. We will make extremely large shades for in-store pick up only.

Q: I have a lamp, but I don't have a lampshade to measure. Can you help me to determine the correct size lampshade?

A: We try to advise, but we have some limitations without having the lamp in hand to fit. Lampshades are fit by a proper balance that cannot always be determined by the actual measurements of the lamp. Lampshade styles do change much more often than lamp styles change. Lamp manufacturers that made a lamp in 1950 or 1960 for example, would probably not use the same size and style of lampshade if they made the same lamp today. You may actually ship your lamp to us, and we can determine the correct size and make any needed adjustments to the lamp that may be needed, such as changing the lamp harp to accommodate the correct shade size.

Q: How do I order directly from your website?

A: Our website is designed to show our product and services. We suggest that when you have questions, give us a call or send us an e-mail. When you are ready to make a purchase, simply give us a call or e-mail us with your name and telephone number and we can call you.

Q: How long does it take to have a custom lampshade made?

A: There can be some reasons why it may take longer, but it generally takes about 10-14 days to have shades made.

Q: Does it cost more to have a lampshade custom made than if I purchase a shade you have in stock?

A: We do not charge "custom" fees. If we make the shade for you, or pull it from our showroom, it would be the same price. For internet orders, the shades are normally made to order instead of pulled from our showroom inventory.

Q: How do you ship and what are the shipping cost?

A: We ship via UPS, so we always need a physical address. Since we are a custom shop, every order we ship out is a different size box with different weights, going to different areas of the country. When you place the order, we will give you an educated estimate of the shipping cost. The actual shipping cost would be determined after the order is complete and boxed. Due to the high cost of boxes and packing materials, we charge a $10.00 boxing & handling fee for lampshades that measure over 18" on any measurement. Otherwise, we do not add any fees to the shipping cost, we only attempt to break even.